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Happy Hour: Preston Brown on Rex Ryan days, Burfict, Peterman, McDermott... and why he wants to slap Odell Beckham Jr.

Happy Hour: Preston Brown on Rex Ryan days, Burfict, Peterman, McDermott... and why he wants to slap Odell Beckham Jr.

It was a lively hangout with the former NFL linebacker. The full replay is inside.

Life is sweet for Preston Brown. He’s happy now.

The middle linebacker who roamed NFL defenses from 2014- ‘19 is living in Atlanta. He’s engaged. He has two dogs. He still works out all of the time at his home gym.

Brown is also a man who can finally take a deep breath and reflect on the high drama that is professional football.

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This episode, Brown dished on a wide, wide array of topics…

  • Schwartz to Rex to McDermott. The defense was always changing during Brown’s time with the Buffalo Bills. He has stories to share on all the above. The NFL could feel like WWE with Rex Ryan.

  • Did Mario Williams really quit on the 2015 Bills team? What made those ‘15 and ‘16 defenses so chaotic under Rex? Everything has to be perfect in this scheme.

  • Hell no, Donnie Henderson, he will not get you Krispy Kreme donuts in Canada.

  • To this day, Preston Brown wants to slap Odell Beckham. Seriously. He explains.

  • Off to the Bengals, he completely lost his zest for the sport and became a person he could not recognize. An extremely angry, agitated person.

  • You want to stay on Vontaze Burfict’s good side.

  • Petermania. Believe it or not, Brown agreed with the team’s decision to start rookie Nathan Peterman over Tyrod Taylor. Next, came an all-time disaster.

  • “$500 per pound.” Brown takes listeners through the manic race to shed weight ahead of a Friday weigh-in. Locals might’ve seen him at LA Fitness in Orchard Park, NY.

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