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Happy Hour: Steve Calhoun on the past, present and future of Jordan Love

Happy Hour: Steve Calhoun on the past, present and future of Jordan Love

We hang out with the man who knows the Green Bay Packers quarterback best.

The great mystery of this 2023 NFL season resides in Green Bay, Wisc.

Jordan Love.

After three years, the Packers finally deemed that the quarterback out of Utah State was ready to take over. We’ve seen a thrilling comeback win over the New Orleans Saints. We’ve seen a rough first half against the Detroit Lions. But how is Love really playing? Most importantly, how good can he be?

You’ll want to catch our latest Happy Hour Replay. The man who knows Love’s game better than anyone gives us an inside look. Steve Calhoun of Armed and Dangerous Football has coached and mentored Love since the QB was in eighth grade.

For a full hour, Calhoun takes questions from Go Long members.

Catch the full audio above or watch the full video below.

We discuss…

  • What was going through Love’s mind when the Packers gave Aaron Rodgers an extension in 2022? Right when it appeared his Green Bay days were numbered?

  • Simulating game action on a practice field — for three years.

  • Love’s mental toughness. It has roots in adversity that prepares Love for anything he could see on a football field.

  • Green Bay West. Calhoun breaks down the practices Love ran with the team’s receivers and backs in July.

  • Calhoun’s outside-the-box coaching methods. Such as teaching Love how to use both of his eyes in different ways as he’s reading the field.

  • Why nothing surprises Love on the field.

  • What happened in Detroit? We break down some of the throws, good and bad.

  • The pressure. Media coverage has often been scathing the last three years. How has Love processed it?

Thanks, everyone.

And, remember: Let me know who you would like to hang out with on a Happy Hour. We’ll make it happen.

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