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'I'm ready to die right now:' Alex Green relives it all

'I'm ready to die right now:' Alex Green relives it all

Once the cheering stops, life can take a very dark turn for NFL players. The former Green Bay Packers running back opens up to Go Long subscribers.

Alex Green lost football, then he almost lost his life.

The former NFL running back shares his chilling story with Go Long on our latest Happy Hour session. This may be our most compelling yet with Green, the ex-Packer, detailing his descent into a gripping addiction to alcohol, weed and cocaine. In harrowing detail, he relives the night he nearly overdosed.

Thank you to those who joined the Zoom call and brough such excellent questions.

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Green was exceptionally transparent, expanding on everything he initially revealed in January 2022.

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  • Ndamukong Suh and Nick Fairley gunning for his torn ACL in those Packers/Lions games. (Who would’ve thunk it?!)

  • After tearing up defenses at Hawaii, Green was drafted by the Green Bay Packers in the third round. He was surprised himself. Football stories are shared sporadically, including the (now hilarious) night Green and DuJuan Harris watched their employer draft Eddie Lacy and Johnathan Franklin. They knew they were toast right then.

  • Jets Football wasn’t real NFL football.

  • His fall. Once Green finished with the NFL and CFL, he slipped into a cycle of “depression, anxiety, a lot of fear.” He became somebody else, coping with the anguish by filling his body with drugs. He cut people out of his life. He became a total recluse heading down a very dark path. In his mind, drugs became a “best friend.” Specifically, cocaine.

  • Hopelessness eventually set in. Staring at a mountain of cocaine, one night, Green was prepared to overdose and end his life. (“It’s right there. You’re that close.”) With one message — I need help — one conversation saved his life, then changed his life. The fact that this text message reached the right person is a miracle itself. He explains.

  • Transforming his life was not possible overnight. Eliminating suicidal “ideations” and discovering meaning in his life has been gradual. He’s still working at it. But Green wants to help everyone he possibly can.

  • We take the conversation big picture. Green knows many former players deal with the same emotions. The pain can be both physical and mental when the cheering stops.

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