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Happy Hour Replay: Will Stefon Diggs reach his breaking point?

Happy Hour Replay: Will Stefon Diggs reach his breaking point?

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Bills-Dolphins. This AFC East title game is loaded with drama from both points of view.

Stefon Diggs could combust for 150 yards and two touchdowns. To reach the Super Bowl, Buffalo unquestionably needs their star wide receiver — in full. This game could also serve as a tipping point for a messy offseason. Much is at stake.

Jordan Love vs. Justin Fields. Is the Green Bay Packers quarterback capable of overcoming a potential defensive calamity? Whereas last season’s Week 18 game at Lambeau Field felt like The End, this one could be The Beginning of something special. The grass was always green on the other side.

How should the Chicago Bears, armed with the No. 1 pick, proceed at quarterback? Fields has played better of late, but let’s not forget the tension from earlier this season. It was telling. And it’s worth noting the revamped power structure.

The Philadelphia Eagles’ sinking ship.

Miami’s injuries.

Aaron Rodgers theatrics.

Everything is discussed on our latest Happy Hour with Go Long subscribers from across the country. Thank you to everyone who carved out an hour and a half on a Friday night — sharp questions/thoughts the entire session. We’ll record many more of these into the offseason. What a great chance for us to hang out — often with a former NFL player, too. This episode, my podcast co-host Jim Monos joined the call and shared his always-excellent insight. You’ll get a front-office perspective on all the above.

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Thanks, all.

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