Happy Hour Replay: How Stevie Johnson changed the game

He was a fan favorite who brought a buzz to a team in need. Stevie Johnson explains how he created his unique style and relives countless stories from the gridiron, T.O. to Marshawn to Marrone.

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Stevie Johnson was a name that came up a few times with our Bills fans who subscribe, and the truly unique wide receiver could not wait. What a fun time. Opening up the video replay here for everyone to view so folks considering a subscription can get a sense for what our Happy Hours entail. I know we welcomed a good amount of Giants fans this past December — who do you all want to hang out with? Last offseason, a loyal Bears fan who subscribed wanted Olin Kreutz and Erik Kramer, and both were fantastic. Also, these are a great opportunity to make some new friends. Love meeting subscribers from around the world, Buffalo to San Diego to Singapore. Our times for these live hangouts will fluctuate, based on the player’s schedule, and the full archive can be found at the “Happy Hour” tab atop the GoLongTD.com home screen.

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We were treated to an hour of classic Stevie Johnson this week. You’ll hear all about…

  • How he completely changed the way wide receivers think about running routes.

  • Why he was able to dominate the most dominating cornerback of his era, Darrelle Revis.

  • How one cut block on Eric Berry that injured the safety’s leg, made Johnson re-think how he takes coaching.

  • Johnson played with both Terrell Owens and Marshawn Lynch, and has stories to share.

  • Doug Marrone called him a “poison” once… which was something.

  • His thoughts on the Bills today, and why he likes the fact that GM Brandon Beane will take changes on different personalities. (Even if he narrowly dodged the A.B. bullet.)

  • His life today. He’s hoping to change lives with his “Exposure Academy.” Johnson is now paying it all forward in a massive way.

  • Also, we haven’t launched a fantasy football league at Go Long yet but, into the 2022 season, Commissioner Stevie has some plans.

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Thank you again, everyone, and enjoy the Super Bowl.

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