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Go Long Show: Championship Sunday Recap

Go Long Show: Championship Sunday Recap

This remains a Patrick Mahomes World. (With a lot of help from "Spags" on defense.) Also, why this L will sting for the Detroit Lions.

The Michael Jordan comparisons are no longer hyperbole. Patrick Mahomes’ vise grip on the league only gets tighter. Kansas City’s quarterback was excellent in another AFC Championship and Lamar Jackson… was not.

Over in the NFC, Dan Campbell coached this championship game exactly as he has coached all season. Aggressively. That’s the mentality that helped guide the Detroit Lions out of the doldrums. This night, it backfired. San Francisco capitalized on the Lions’ mistakes to punch its ticket to a Super Bowl rematch.

Here on the Go Long Show — with co-host Jim Monos — we dive deep into both conference championship games.

The first half is spent on Chiefs/Ravens; the second on Lions/49ers.

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