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A Super Bowl conversation with Brett Favre

A Super Bowl conversation with Brett Favre

The quarterback knows everyone will remember Sunday's game forever. On Andy Reid's brilliance, Mahomes vs. Purdy, reliving Super Bowl XXXI and XXXII.


This final podcast episode with Brett Favre, the Hall of Fame quarterback relives the euphoric highs (Super Bowl XXXI) and crushing lows (Super Bowl XXXII) of the greatest game in sports. He experienced both emotions.

Favre details everything that led to this iconic touchdown pass to Andre Rison in Green Bay’s 35-21 title win over New England. Defensive coordinator Bill Belichick rolled the dice, and lost. Of course, the memory of Terrell Davis running wild is fresh, too. Those Packers were so close to going back-to-back.

Much of this episode is spent on this year’s big game in Las Vegas. He brings a unique perspective.

Favre worked closely with Andy Reid. The Kansas City Chiefs head coach who’s quickly asserting himself as an all-time great was his quarterbacks coach in Green Bay during the 1997 and 1998 seasons. Favre has spoken to the Chiefs’ entire team ahead of the Super Bowl before and shares his message. What makes Reid special? There’s beauty to the coach’s schematic simplicity.

While he does see a lot of himself in Patrick Mahomes, Favre knows Reid is a major driving force. He doesn’t know where he’d be without Mike Holmgren, and isn’t sure where Mahomes’ career goes without Reid. It’s true we don’t discuss the marriage of coach and quarterback nearly enough.

How good is Brock Purdy? “Dr. Purdy,” as he calls him, is more surgical. And a winner. There’s a lot to like in San Francisco’s unassuming quarterback.

Audio and video are here at Go Long. You can also check out past episodes linked below.

A quick note. The former quarterback’s Mississippi case was back in the news this week obviously. As he has said, there’s much Favre would like to discuss on this all. Due to a gag order, he cannot. When he’s able, we will check back in.

Ahead at Go Long, I’ll be posting a conversation with Indianapolis Colts tight end Dallas Clark later today. He did not disappoint. Icymi, we’ve got a feature live on George Kittle, Travis Kelce and why the best of the best at the tight end position have a wild side. On Friday AM, be on the lookout for a deep dive on Mahomes. I spent the last two weeks chatting with everyone who knows him best to figure out where all this magic comes from.

The Super Bowl’s closing in. We’ll host another Gameday Chat for the festivities.

Thanks to all for reading and listening all season long.

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