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FAVRE: The unique attrition of football

FAVRE: The unique attrition of football

Football is special. But is the sport inherently changing? Brett Favre, the man who started 321 straight games, has many thoughts.

Football isn’t for everyone, and that’s OK. That’s what makes this sport different.

Football, however, may be changing. Watch any game, any Sunday.

Perhaps nobody is more qualified to thoroughly dissect the inherent danger of this sport quite like Brett Favre.

Name an injury, he likely had it. Concussions? More than he can count.

Through the NFL’s golden age, the three-time MVP somehow started 321 straight games. A record that may never be broken despite the owners treating quarterbacks today like 32 bubble boys. On Episode 3 of “FAVRE,” we take a big-picture look at the sport itself with Favre’s iron-man streak as the launching pad. The longtime Green Bay Packer is once again extremely candid on everything.

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Here’s what is discussed throughout our lively 83 1/2-minute discussion this episode:

  • Quarterbacks who impress Favre five weeks into this 2023 season with a close look at the San Francisco 49ers’ godsend: Brock Purdy. (He also admires Baker Mayfield’s leadership. Earmuffs, kids, on the Andy Janovich quote.)

  • The streak. A true love for the game drove Favre to always, always, always play on. Is such a passion becoming antiquated?

  • Painkillers sure helped Favre start every game early in his career. He’d always take his pills with a beer. (And the beer teammates turned down.)

  • Which injury was the most difficult for Favre to play through his two decades in the NFL?

  • We discuss football — true football — and why there’s nothing else like it. You know at a very young age whether this sport is for you or not.

  • You might’ve seen Favre’s name in the news last week. He says his deposition in the Mississippi civil suit is not this month, but that he’s eager for the opportunity to speak. I ask Favre about the damage done to his reputation.

  • In 2023, Favre sees the sport transforming into something new: “Flag football with pads.” That’s swell for the long-term health of quarterbacks — he’d know. But at what cost? Is the sport losing itself with so many flags and fines dulling the instincts of defensive players? He watched Bills-Jaguars on Sunday morning with similar angst.

  • The hypocrisy of pontificating about player safety while adding a regular-season game. That 18th game won’t be far behind, too. Yet, Favre makes a smart point. Players who enjoy the physical contact will also be increasingly OK with danger being siphoned out of the sport… if they see the financial benefits all around.

  • VIP questions! Favre explains why it was always nice to joke around with officials. Also, who was his favorite receiver?

  • An Andy Reid story he’ll never forget.


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