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FAVRE: Football will always need 'Rocky Balboa'

FAVRE: Football will always need 'Rocky Balboa'

Also: Brett Favre has a lot to say about Jordan Love, who proved he is the Green Bay Packers' franchise quarterback on Thanksgiving Day.

Brett Favre, like you, watched the Green Bay Packers’ Thanksgiving Day win over the Detroit Lions.

The Hall of Famer, like you, certainly was impressed with Jordan Love.

On this episode of “FAVRE,” we get into plenty:

  • It’s hunting season. Favre shares one crazy story from the woods. He can laugh about it now but — holy heck — he was panicking then.

  • Jordan Love. What stands out most? Favre sees teammates who truly believe.

  • His own breakthrough moment as an NFL quarterback took place in Detroit. Favre relives a wild card classic.

  • Football today. Tom Brady made waves last week in describing the quality of play as mediocre. What does Favre think? He knows fans love seeing the heavyweight boxer who gets clobbered to the canvas, and keeps getting up.

A lively episode today.

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