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'They hit a home run:' Brett Favre is all in on Jordan Love

'They hit a home run:' Brett Favre is all in on Jordan Love

Here's the Hall of Famer on the Green Bay Packers' playoff chances, Cowboys memories, Mike McCarthy, seeing "ghosts," the frigid cold and the rise of Love in the town he put back on the map.

GREEN BAY, Wisc. — This weekend marks a historic new chapter. Jordan Love makes his first playoff start against the Dallas Cowboys and — at this rate? — the Green Bay Packers just may be on a fast track toward a half-century of quarterback harmony.

Absurd in the NFL. Entire franchises spin on the hamster wheel for a generation.

A perfect time to check back in with the icon behind the renaissance of the franchise: Brett Favre. The three-time MVP has a lot to say on this episode of “FAVRE.”

Go Long also flew to Wisconsin this week for reporting that’ll roll out over the coming days and weeks.

On this episode, Favre is unplugged on many topics:

  • Jordan Love. He’s a believer… and then some. Favre is effusive in his praise, right down to the new QB’s “cool, calm and collective” manner. He sees teammates who want to fight for him, too. (“Jordan has the team on his back. They love him. … I think the guy’s legit. I think they hit a home run.”)

  • Remember the photos that NBC put side-by-side during the Packers-Vikings game? Yes, Favre sees himself in Love, and explains why that particular throw is so, so difficult to pull off.

  • He views the Packers as the most dangerous team in the NFC. (“They can beat anyone.”)

  • The cold. Favre enjoyed playing in Lambeau’s frigid chill — to a point. (He didn’t own an ice scraper, either.)

  • Is Mike McCarthy’s job on the line with a loss? There’s a lot of pressure on Dallas. Mainly because coaching under Jerry Jones is a different beast. Favre still has a relationship with his former coach and explains what’s likely going through McCarthy’s mind into this game.

  • Speaking of, how would Favre describe his relationship with McCarthy. It didn’t end well in ‘08.

  • Packers-Cowboys memories. This was the team that owned Favre’s Packers in the early 90s. He looks back at the psychology of trying to overcome Aikman, Emmitt, Irvin and the mighty Cowboys. Specifically, a ‘95 NFC Championship Game for the ages.

  • Seeing “ghosts.” It’s a phrase we hear often, but Favre articulates exactly what it means. He certainly saw ‘em and knows Dallas will try their best to confuse Love.

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