Sep 8 • 11M

FAVRE: Reliving an unforgettable moment in NFL history

Plus, Brett Favre on Jordan Love's Packers takeover, his concussions, the NFL today, the latest in Mississippi and a lot more in Episode No. 1.


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We get into plenty….

  • Obviously, many of you would like to hear what he says about the accusations levied against him in Mississippi. He has denied wrongdoing and has not been criminally charged. To the extent he can, Favre touches on the case. (Through all developments, he will fill you in.)

  • Most of this first episode ties the present to the past. Blow-by-blow, Favre relives a surreal 2008. From the crushing loss to the New York Giants in the NFC Championship… to retiring… to unretiring… to clawing his way to the Minnesota Vikings… to, finally, reaching a peace with the Green Bay Packers. You’ll hear stories he hasn’t shared before. To this day, it all boggles the mind.

  • Why did he hold that retirement presser? What feeling was deep in his gut upon getting on the flight home? When did Favre get the “itch” to play again? This was an unforgettable moment in Packers and NFL history. Favre lifts up the curtain.

  • Jordan Love and the 2023 Packers. Did Green Bay make the correct decision? (He believes so.) Also, how does his abrupt entry into pro football back in ‘92 vs. the Cincinnati Bengals compare to Love?

  • His take on quarterback play today.

  • His ever-evolving relationship with the late, great Ted Thompson. Believe it or not, back in the 90s, they were drinking buddies.

  • How many concussions did Favre endure? One chilling conversation with Dr. Bennet Omalu changed his perspective. He offers his thoughts on Tua Tagovailoa into 2023. There’s a darker side to pro football, as Favre knows.

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