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FAVRE: Bar fights, throat-slashes and the car crash that could've killed him

FAVRE: Bar fights, throat-slashes and the car crash that could've killed him

The way he was living? Brett Favre had zero business ascending in the early 90s. He relives the fine line. Also, don't miss what the QB has to say about Aaron Rodgers, Josh Allen and Jordan Love.

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It’s easy to pinpoint the moment everyone in the huddle knew Brett Favre was a different breed. He was in college. He played a football game against Alabama one month after having 36 inches of his intestines removed. The result of a car crash that easily could’ve ended his life.

Seeing this — up close — quite obviously empowered all teammates beyond their imagination. Somehow, Southern Miss shocked No. 13-ranked Crimson Tide.

This became the story of Favre’s football life, Start No. 1 to No. 321. Packers players have said repeatedly they’d run through a wall for their quarterback.

On Episode 2 of “FAVRE” — exclusive to subscribers — the three-time MVP continues to open up like he never has before. As stated, the goal of Go Long is to always deliver football in its rawest form. The good, the bad, the ugly. You’ll always get unfiltered, unvarnished coverage here, and nothing is ever off-limits with this show. There’s never been a Favre before, never will be again and he’ll open up on everything to bring you as close as possible to real football.

Each episode, we’ll connect the past with the present with endless untold stories.

As young quarterbacks across the league try to make their own leap — and win over locker rooms — Brett Favre isn’t afraid to open up wounds from his own life. On and off the field.

You won’t want to miss Episode 2.

Audio is above. Video is below.

A few topics discussed:

  • Favre should have vanished into oblivion early in his career. He opens up on his extreme alcohol usage, the byproduct of an addictive personality. Having just one beer was an impossibility. Favre admits he’d drink until he completely passed out. Somehow, he’d party ‘til 4, wake up at 7:30 and train just as hard as he drank. He easily could’ve been Johnny Manziel. Two specific turning points — Green Bay nearly benching him in ‘94, going to rehab for his painkiller addiction in ‘96 — got his life back on track. He quit drinking in 1998, too.

  • His year in Atlanta — 1991 — was wild. Favre hit it off with Deion Sanders. He got into four or five bar fights, too.

  • Favre sees himself in Josh Allen, and offers a solution. There’s a needle the Buffalo Bills can thread to get the most out of their own gunslinger.

  • Yes, we get into Aaron Rodgers and the Achilles injury heard ‘round the world. Would Favre try to come back from this injury? What does he expect out of Rodgers? His perspective on this seismic storyline is obviously unique. He remembers The End well and would love to share his wisdom… if only Rodgers would return his calls.

  • You’ve probably heard many of Larry Bird’s epic trash-talking stories from the ‘80s. Favre has many of his own, and shares one classic from ‘99. There’s a reason he gave Lions’ Robert Bailey a throat-slash gesture.

  • The blow-by-blow account of his college car wreck is certifiably nuts. How he managed to upset Alabama after having those 36 inches of intestines removed and losing 35 pounds is even crazier, and explains how he was able to galvanize an entire locker room.

  • What does Favre think about Jordan Love two games in? He’s been watching closely and sees teammates rallying around their new QB. They want to fight for Love. Beyond the numbers — to him — this is a phenomenal sign.

As always, VIP subscribers can hop onto the Zoom call after our 1-on-1 to ask anything they’d like. This episode, Favre answers reader questions on his best prank (poor Frank Winters) and details what made Sterling Sharpe special. Click Here to become a VIP, to hang out with Favre and also get both a Go Long sweatshirt and a signed copy of “The Blood and Guts: How Tight Ends Save Football.”

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