I continue to really enjoy this show and Brett's perspective!!!

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Hi Tyler,

I'm enjoying the heck out of your talks with Brett Favre. It's good to relive the old times and also get his opinion on the 2023 Packers.

One point of clarification: I was at the first Lions game, in Green Bay in September. You said there were a lot of Lions fans in Lambeau. That was the national narrative due to one or two pictures that showed a ton of Lions fans. Well, I can tell you there really weren't a lot of Lions fans at that game, I would estimate 5% of the fans had Lion's gear on. The picture shown nationally was after the game, when all the Packers fans had left and a bunch of Lions fans were gathered behind the Lion's bench. I could send you several pictures I took at the same, thousands of fans and no Lion's fans in sight. I've been at games where visiting team's fans arrived in masse, Packer's fans in Tampa for example (40% of the stadium); and LSU in Lambeau (vs. Wisconsin Badgers) where they had a solid 40% of the seats. The September Packers / Lions game was nothing like that. 5%.

Take Care.

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