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The objective of Go Long is simple: To provide you with a story worth your valuable time. I’ve been fortunate enough to get to know the people who make this game go over the last decade-plus and want to bring you closer than ever to it all. As much of the sports media business zags toward takes bundled 140 characters at a time and as access to the league itself becomes more difficult, I genuinely believe you, the fan, loses out.

Here, we want to humanize the game. These players are more than names we plug into our fantasy football lineups. So, we’ll dive deep. We’ll tap into the emotion of the sport. This newsletter will forever have a foundation of reporting, of substance, that a game so woven into the fabric of America deserves.

For more on the thinking behind Go Long, here’s our introductory post.

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About Tyler

I’m hoping we’ve crossed paths before, be it virtually or in-person, but if not my name is Tyler Dunne. I live here in Western New York with my wife and daughter. I enjoy (real) country music. I graduated from Syracuse University in 2010. And you might’ve caught my work before at the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Buffalo News and Bleacher Report. It’s been a fun ride and I truly believe all roads have led to this opportunity to provide you with stories you cannot read anywhere else.

Please feel free to reach me any time at golongtd@gmail.com or on Twitter @TyDunne.

I cannot wait for you all to read what’s in store at Go Long.

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Our most-read stories to date

Part I… The Pressure is on Josh Allen: The Bills were closer than anyone realizes to drafting Patrick Mahomes. Now, Josh Allen — a quarterback unlike any other — is the one who must deliver a Super Bowl to Buffalo. Can he?

Part II… The Pressure is on Josh Allen: We know the Bills quarterback has guts. Now, experts say, he must win with his mind. In the "Mahomes Era" that's what it'll take. Buffalo has faith.

The Fight for Erik Kramer’s Life: Get all three parts right here. The Chicago Bears quarterback’s life is a miracle.

Lynn Bowden Jr. is free (look out, NFL): The Raiders gave up on the most electrifying player in college football. They never understood him as a player or as a person. Now, in Miami, he’s going to make them pay.

Part I… Will the Minnesota Vikings finally "rise" under Mike Zimmer? They went for it in 2020. The Vikings convinced themselves they are contenders. Now, time is running out. Those forged in Zimmer's fire believe the surly head coach is the answer.

Part II: Will the Minnesota Vikings finally "rise" under Mike Zimmer? Not everyone believes in Zimmer. Others call him everything from "an equal-opportunity asshole" to a "big blamer." What he has built is now being put to the test. (He'll need Kirk Cousins, too.)

The Green Bay Packers have a plan (it's genius, too): When the Packers drafted quarterback Jordan Love, everyone lost their minds. They took AJ Dillon and the hysteria ramped up even more. This master plan, however, just may be brilliant. Here's why.

What Fuels Motor: Devin Singletary is the player who can lift the Bills to the Super Bowl. Think Buffalo should draft a running back? Think again. You won't even recognize the running back known as "Motor" in 2021.

You can’t break Kenny Moore: He's the best player most of America does not know. And how the Colts corner got to this point is wilder than you can imagine, from fighting depression in New England to dominating in Indy.

The Perfect Storm: How Stefon Diggs changed everything in Buffalo: He has proven to be exactly what the Bills needed: A leader. Now, anything is possible.

The Truth on Allen Robinson: How it went south in Chicago & what's next: Power is shifting to the players. Will the Bears' wide receiver be the next NFL star to seize control? Robinson speaks to Go Long about how everything got to this point.

Andy Janovich wants to kick your ass: Look out. The Cleveland Browns are a force once again. And the guy who may be the difference is this Busch Light-loving, facemask-shattering "hammerhead" fullback wrecking everything in his path.

How Logan Ryan made the New York Giants believe: It's been a wild five months for the veteran DB, from creating his own training camp to death threats to nearly losing his wife. Now? He has the first-place Giants dreaming big.

Why you must believe in Marquez Valdes-Scantling: No player in Green Bay had higher highs and lower lows than MVS in 2020 (hello, death threats). But as he tells Go Long down in Tampa, MVS also knows the truth: He is built for this moment.