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After Sunday night's thriller, the 49ers have to start asking themselves hard questions about their good-not-great starting quarterback. (Especially wi…
Picks! Cap space! This was all a GM's dream. Now, with Tua Tagovailoa sidelined again, yet another mass rebuild feels inevitable in South Florida. This…
The Ravens prove they can win their way and Jackson proves, again, he's a 1-of-1 talent at quarterback. Also, should the Bills run more? Are the Viking…
This offseason, he was nearly a Chicago Bear. Now, this future Hall of Famer is primed to have the best season of his career.
Take it to the bank.
Longtime NFL personnel man Jim Monos, and the co-host of the Go Long Podcast, will now write a weekly column right here at Go Long.
Hall-of-Famer Bob McGinn shares why he has decided to work at Go Long and why he'd love for everyone to join this building community.
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