We made it. The first NFL Sunday is here.

Get ready for the games with stories from the offseason inside.

Good morning, everyone. It’s a glorious day.

However and wherever you’re consuming football, enjoy. This season just feels different after most all of the country had to watch the NFL from a bunker in 2020.

First off, a huge Thank You to our local subscribers who made the kickoff bash at Hamburg Brewing. Such a fun time getting to meet many of you from Colden, NY to Orlando, Fla. to the U.S. Navy. We’ll schedule our first virtual “Happy Hour” of the 2021 season soon, too, so everyone will be able to connect.

In the meantime — with so many new members signed up — I figured we’d share a handful of features here to get you set for the season. You always scroll through the full archive right here, too.

As always, never hesitate to reach me at golongtd@gmail.com. Thanks, all.

Inside Jerry’s World

Introduction: It’s been 25 years since Dallas won a Super Bowl. How is this possible?

Part I: A twisted system

Part II: Moss, Parcells, Dez and 25 years of maddening ‘What-ifs’

Part III: Where do the Cowboys go from here?

The Fight for Erik Kramer’ Life

Part I: A miracle… He tried to kill himself, and survived.

Part II: Victimized… Little did Kramer know the fight of his life was just beginning.

Part III: A new man… And this is how he now attacks every day.

What Fuels Motor

Believe in MVS

Efe Obada searches for home

'AG' takes DC

Inside the Bears' QB search

You can’t break Kenny Moore

The time is now for AJ Dillon, NFL unicorn

Lynn Bowden Jr. is free

Damar Hamlin's rise

Let the Jordan Love Era begin

(OK, maybe in 2022)

The "ShnowMan" is the soul of the Bills

How D.J. Reed became the most ‘dangerous’ corner in football

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