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Podcast: NFC Preview

Podcast: NFC Preview

Which challenger breaks onto the scene? The Giants and Packers may be primed.
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The AFC was straightforward. It’s a conference loaded at quarterback.

The NFC is objectively fun. Nearly every team can talk itself into going for it in 2023.

Here on the “Go Long Show” with co-host Jim Monos, we examine which teams can realistically box with odds-on favorites Philadelphia and San Francisco. GM Joe Schoen detailed to Go Long why the New York Giants believe in Daniel Jones — is he right? Could the stars align for Jones and the Giants to contend? In the NFC North, the Detroit Lions have spent three years meticulously building a team capable of playing with anyone — seeking a specific DNA 1 through 53—and the Jordan Love Era finally arrives.

We both like Green Bay’s young movement on offense. Love is ready to introduce himself to the world.

Enjoy, and Thank You. Icymi, we laid out the 2023 plan of attack at Go Long this week. Let’s have some fun.


The “Ty and Bob Pod” with Bob McGinn returns. We’ll talk NFL each week. Soon, I’ll also be announcing a third show.

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There’s one more ‘23 Kickoff story dropping by the end of the week. I traveled to Pittsburgh to chat at length with quarterback Kenny Pickett.

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