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Go Long Show: The Buffalo Bills' Super Bowl dreams crushed again by KC

Go Long Show: The Buffalo Bills' Super Bowl dreams crushed again by KC

New team, new offense, but the same bitter result for these Buffalo Bills against the best player in the game.

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A lot has changed since the Buffalo Bills and Kansas City Chiefs staged an all-time classic in the 2021 divisional round of the playoffs. Specifically, the philosophy of this Bills offense.

The result, however, did not.

Kansas City edged Buffalo, 27-24, on Sunday night at Highmark Stadium. Make it five straight crushing defeats in the postseason. This one will sting all offseason because this was the year to catch Patrick Mahomes. The Bills had the Chiefs in their house this time. The Bills (allegedly) were welcoming in a stammering Chiefs offense.

So much for that.

Mahomes proved inevitable. (Again.) And the Bills continue to waste the prime of Josh Allen’s career. (Not ideal.)

Round ‘n round we go, as this Bills season ends like all the previous Bills season. We break down the game here on the Go Long Show and I’ll also have a story live soon for Go Long subscribers.

Miss the three-part series from last month? All links are right here. The Bills should be asking themselves hard questions right away this offseason.

Part I: Blame Game

Part II: Lost in translation

Part III: Let Josh be Josh

Thank you for reading and listening, everyone.

Be on the lookout for full coverage of the AFC and NFC Championships. Heading to Detroit this week to see how in the heck Dan Campbell’s crew took all that DNA and built a potential Super Bowl team.

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