May 6, 2022 • 1HR 21M

Ep 22: A hearty debate on Brian Gutekunst and the Packers' direction

Also, Bob McGinn takes everyone inside the process of his 38th annual NFL Draft series and why it's so important in a sanitized world.

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Now that we’re a full week removed from the NFL Draft, how should the Green Bay Packers feel?

Our resident draft (and Packers) expert, Bob McGinn, expounds on his critical column that ran earlier this week. He believes GM Brian Gutekunst hasn’t done enough at wide receiver for his MVP quarterback. I believe he absolutely has — and knows the team needs to win a new way. (With defense.)

So, we have a hearty disagreement. The back half of the pod is on all things Aaron Rodgers, Gutekunst and Green Bay.

But first? McGinn goes long on his draft series.

ICMYI, all nine parts are archived at and linked below for our subscribers. You won’t want to miss the good, bad and ugly from scouts on all of the top prospects in the 2022 NFL Draft. McGinn explains how these relationships develop and why such an uncut perspective is important and rare. After all, things aren’t as rosy as they may appear on TV.

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And here are all nine parts of McGinn’s draft series. See how the NFL scouts ranked the prospects at every position: