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And for Jordan Love's next act...

And for Jordan Love's next act...

The Green Bay Packers are in good hands... right? Life for every young quarterback always gets more difficult. On the Go Long Show, we discuss what's in store for Love this 2024 season.

He’ll become a rich man very soon. Jordan Love played his way into the upper tier of quarterback contracts late last season.

Still, this was a small sample size.

And opposing defensive coordinators are bound to offer a counterpunch.

The same bet these Green Bay Packers placed on Love the night of April 23, 2020 applies in June 2024. This is a player worth the investment. On this episode of the “Go Long Show” — with co-host, longtime NFL personnel man Jim Monos — we shift the quarterback conversation to Love. GM Brian Gutekunst wants a deal done before training camp, but Love probably doesn’t mind the sight of other quarterbacks raising the market price.

In related news, Tua Tagovailoa sounds like a man who wants a deal done ASAP. As discussed in Part I of the mailbag, these two negotiations may be linked on Athletes First’s side.

We know the Miami Dolphins will lean into their identity.

Finally, we wrap the pod with thoughts on a special breed in this sport: NFL offensive line coaches.

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