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Why Dallas Cowboys HC Mike McCarthy has good reason to be 'fed up'

Why Dallas Cowboys HC Mike McCarthy has good reason to be 'fed up'

Our story at Go Long made the rounds this week. Let's take the conversation to the podcast.

You’re never quite sure when or how a quote or anecdote from a story will rip through the modern NFL news cycle. Three weeks ago, I wrote a story trying to make sense of the Dallas Cowboys’ bizarre offseason rooted in conversations with those who’ve worked in the front office.

The note was somewhat buried in a bigger-picture piece. But, yes. One former personnel man said he believes Mike McCarthy has grown “fed up” with how this team operates under Jerry and Stephen Jones. Jerry’s World is a weird place, as we’ve previously examined. It’s no coincidence that contending Dallas teams fall short under this ownership.

Perhaps you caught our report from McAfee or Skip or Rich Eisen on Monday.

Figured it would be a good idea to flesh out a full podcast to discuss the reporting, the state of the Cowboys, everything. McCarthy should be upset. The state of affairs is never normal here, whether it’s penny-pinching in free agency (when one or two vets could be the diffference) or the scene inside the draft room (when Jerry just may brag about a sexual excapade in front of his daughter.)

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