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Go Long Show: So, how does this end for the Buffalo Bills?

Go Long Show: So, how does this end for the Buffalo Bills?

They saved their season in KC. We continue the McDermott-Allen-Bills conversation on the podcast with co-host Jim Monos.

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Back at the scene of “13 Seconds,” Sean McDermott earned a win he will never forget. It saved the Buffalo Bills’ season, too.

We take the conversation to the Go Long Show podcast with co-host Jim Monos.

New readers/listeners: Monos served as a scout with the Philadelphia Eagles and New Orleans Saints before taking over as the director of personnel with the Buffalo Bills (2013- ‘17), where he helped lead the head-coaching search that netted McDermott. Monos brings a very unique perspective — and takes you through the entire hiring process, their relationship, why he believes the head coach structured everything the right way.

We dive into my three-part series, “The McDermott Problem,” and it’s aftermath locally, as well as the head coach’s strengths/weaknesses, the Josh Allen Super Bowl Window and explore how this all ends for both the 2023 edition of the Bills and McDermott.

As always you can catch the Go Long Show right here and everywhere you get pods, including Apple and Spotify. A video replay is below.

All three parts of the series are linked below for Go Long subscribers.

Thanks, everyone.

Part I: Blame Game

Part II: Lost in translation

Part III: Let Josh be Josh

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