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Ep 21: Inside the demise of the 2021 Packers

Ep 21: Inside the demise of the 2021 Packers

Aaron Rodgers. Special teams. Deebo Samuel. Last weekend was the Green Bay Packers' absolute worst nightmare. We dissect it all on this two-hour podcast.
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Nobody sifts through the rubble of a playoff loss like Bob McGinn who’s seen quite a few calamities this time of year over the last decade.

On this final in-season episode of the Ty & Bob Pod, we relive every angle of Green Bay’s 13-10 loss to the San Francisco 49ers. The loss is not quite as stunning as you may think. We all should’ve seen this coming.

Aaron Rodgers has made a habit of shrinking in January. His performance at Lambeau Field this time around was particularly meek. A blend of apathy, locking into Davante Adams and, shockingly, not reacting quick enough to the 49er defense doomed the likely MVP. Bob breaks it down.

The critical third-and-7 run by Deebo Samuel is on cornerback Jaire Alexander, and speaks to the bigger problems the Packers had re-incorporating starters.

And what about those special teams? Good God. Green Bay tried to break even on special teams yet again in 2021 and paid the price dearly. The blocked punt that changed this game was no accident, rather the culmination of year-long disinterest. From the front office to the coaching staff to the players, the Packers’ NFL-worst specials teams is on everyone. Overall, they proved to be a team with too much dead — Marcedes Lewis, Randall Cobb, etc. — and not enough core special teams players. Bob talked to people around the NFL to learn more.

And, of course, the Packers now head into an offseason of uncertainty.

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If you haven’t, be sure to weigh in on the Packers’ loss in the Discuss thread and we hope you enjoy the pod.

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