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Drew Bledsoe lived the beauty and pain of pro football

He's always honest. He endured traumatic highs and lows in the sport. Once more, Go Long catches up with the former New England Patriots great. (He sure loved Buffalo, too.)

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Football gave Drew Bledsoe so much.

Memories and friendships that’ll last forever. Glory. He’s arguably most responsible for completely waking up the New England Patriots franchise in the early 90s.

Football also tested the former NFL great. With pain… so much pain.

Go Long first chatted at length with Bledsoe shortly after launching in late 2020. Bledsoe opened up then on everything from the Mo Lewis knockout shot to just how pissed he was at Bill Belichick for not giving him his job back to that “bittersweet” Super Bowl win over St. Louis. (You can read Drew Bledsoe, Unfiltered here.)

This week felt like a perfect time to touch base again with Bledsoe again.

Always honest, always introspective, the four-time Pro Bowler shared many new stories. He relives the time he bruised his liver in high school and Bruce Smith whiplashed him as an NFL rookie. Bledsoe admits he still hasn’t watched the Patriots’ Super Bowl XXXI loss to the Packers. He dives deep into the power of the sport itself, and how it connects players from polar-opposite backgrounds.

And, by God, did he love Buffalo. Drew Bledsoe really, really loved Buffalo.

Audio of our conversation is above, video is below and I’ll share the written transcript today, as well. If you prefer to listen within Apple, simply sync up your account by selecting “Listen On” up by the audio player within this post.

Thanks, everyone.


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