Apr 18 • 48M

Would you draft Jalen Carter?

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Tyler Dunne
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This year's colossal character risk? Georgia's mammoth defensive tackle Jalen Carter. Every team at the top of the draft is doing everything they possibly can to dissect a prospect who may wreck NFL offenses... but who also may not love football that much. And who also has major off-field concerns.

Co-host Jim Monos relives red flags past inside the NFL draft room. Also, his Buffalo Bills possessed another large man who violently moved other large men on a football field: Marcell Dareus. Is the comparson fair? Yes and no. (Also: Here's the feature referenced on the podcast that I wrote on Dareus at the Buffalo News: https://buffalonews.com/sports/bills/bills-dareus-keeps-playing-through-life-s-losses/article_be1b05a5-f8a3-5141-9ecc-afa19476e595.html)

Bob McGinn's 39th annual draft series begins Wednesday, April 18. It's accessible to all paid subscribers at Go Long: www.golongtd.com/subscribe.

Head on out to Fattey Beer Company's Orchard Park location Wednesday, April 26 for a pre-draft extravaganza! Details: https://www.golongtd.com/p/its-time-for-a-go-long-draft-bash

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