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'Tis the Season of Daniel in New Jersey (again)

'Tis the Season of Daniel in New Jersey (again)

Joe Schoen is sticking with his quarterback. For now. Once again, everything boils down to Daniel Jones for the New York Giants. We discuss the state of affairs on the podcast.

Good afternoon! Hope everyone has prepared their grills and country-music playlists accordingly for July 4.

First, a quick programming note. When it gets quiet here at Go Long, I promise that’s a good thing. This lull in the NFL calendar is prime time to chip away at bigger projects. Will be sharing the first extensive feature on Monday morning.

Until then, here’s a new episode of the Go Long Show with co-host Jim Monos.

Hard Knocks is taking a look at the New York Giants, a club we’ve examined from Dave Gettleman to Joe Schoen and many Daniel Jones decisions along the way. And so far, so good. We’ve actually been treated to substance. For the Giants, this 2024 season is clearly all about the quarterback who has started 61 games. The Giants’ calculated gamble is that a refurbished interior line, a new No. 1 wideout (Malik Nabers) and two-plus years with Brian Daboll elevate their $40 million QB.

There is much risk involved. We discuss.

If you’re the general manager of a football team, would you hang onto the previous regime’s best players? Or start over? Monos shares his thoughts.

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