Long overdue to hop in the comments! (I promise to reply to everyone over at the McDermott column after I finish up our Championship Sunday content.)

Bethany puts it so well here in that who could've conceived a world in which the Bengals did elicit such strong opinions. I love it. And as we wrote here, they're leaning into it.

Thanks for reading, Dave, and everyone here.

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Timely reminder and thoughtful evaluation of why I and others love the Bengals.

The tag of ‘underdog’ is truly gone- I too loved the Bell bulldozing of JuJu and dreamed it may have been the beginning of something special.

But here we are, again. Through the fog of ugly social media comments your loyalties and passion can get confused. Thanks for showing me the light. A great article that I hope shows how belief not arrogance will see these Bengals written into NFL history.

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Reading this nearly a year later is so sweet knowing we beat the Bengals and won the Super Bowl :)

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Awwwwwwww....poor Bengals are sooooooooo disrespected. Please. Do they want some cheese with that whine?!?!?

Sorry, but no matter how much they are disrespected (and it’s not as much as they think) it does not give them free license to act like arrogant ass hats.

What it DOES do is motivate every other team to try and beat the crap out of them.

I sure am hoping (along with a lot of other NFL fans) that KC puts them in their place on Sunday.

And if they fail (because the best QB in the NFL is playing on one leg) I sure am hoping (along with a lot of other NFL fans) that either the Eagles or SanFran puts them in their place in the SB.

“Two-time” Super Bowl loser would be a wonderful label to remind them of their failure.

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Did they hurt ur lil feelings. I am sure they didn’t mean too. 😂

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Haha wow. Never thought I’d see the day when the Bengals could make people (other than their own fans) so incredibly angry.

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Haha, poor Dave more like it. As they say, the Bengals are living rent free in his head! To spend that much time writing such a whiny response? Hmmm... My guess is Ravens fan.

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