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The heat turns up in Duuuval for these Jacksonville Jaguars

The heat turns up in Duuuval for these Jacksonville Jaguars

A conversation with 1010XL's Mia O'Brien. The Jaguars know exactly how much is on the line in 2024. We pod from Duval County.

One year ago, Super Bowl visions danced in their heads. The Jacksonville Jaguars, fresh off a thrilling run to the playoffs, appeared poised to launch themselves into serious contention once and for all.

We chronicled the 180 from life under Urban Meyer to Doug Pederson.

The Jags started 8-3.

A No. 1 seed was in sight.

Then… disaster. The Jaguars failed to qualify for the dance, losing to the Tennessee Titans in the regular-season finale.

It’s been a busy week on the road for Go Long reporting on features you’ll see over the coming weeks. When in Duval County, it’s always a must to catch up with Mia O’Brien of 1010XL. For this Go Long Podcast episode, O’Brien explains how the Jags got to this point and we both try to figure out if Pederson, quarterback Trevor Lawrence and the Jags can get their mojo back in 2024. This isn’t the AFC South of old. The stakes are clear with the defensive coaching staff reset this offseason.

Enjoyed this conversation. Be sure to follow O’Brien for all things Jags.

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