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The Chicago Bears are at a historic crossroads

The Chicago Bears are at a historic crossroads

So, we chat with Dan Wiederer of the Chicago Tribune on everything Justin Fields, Caleb Williams and where the Bears go from here.

One of the league’s perennially tormented franchises sees a glimmer of light.

The Chicago Bears own the No. 1 overall pick and can build around any collegiate quarterback their collective hearts desire. USC’s Caleb Williams is widely considered the gem of this 2024 NFL Draft.

But as always in the Windy City, this is… complicated.

To make sense of this moment in time for the Bears, Go Long sits down with Dan Wiederer. You can read all of Wiederer’s excellent enterprising reporting at the Chicago Tribune.

Live from the Indianapolis Convention Center, we discuss all angles:

  • Why the market for Justin Fields isn’t as hot as you’d think. Ironing out a trade isn’t easy. GM Ryan Poles is doing quite a balancing act in Indy.

  • Strengths of Fields. He’s got thick skin. He can handle adversity.

  • Emotional maturity of Caleb Williams. The top prospect will be scrutinized, and for good reason.

  • The USC QB is special. After passing on special before (see: Mahomes, Patrick), the Bears should probably think big.

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