Jun 23, 2022 • 58M

Sleeping in the office isn't the best idea

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Tyler Dunne
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It's the question central to every coach's life in the NFL: How much of your time do you pour into this profession? Bill Belichick's staff set a ruthless standard a couple decades ago and so many coaches across the league seem hellbent on following by sleeping in the office. Is that really the best approach? Sean McDermott said he's trying to find the balance, though it is a struggle. He most certainly is not alone.

Also on the pod, we get into the crazy life of the NFL offensive line coach and why it takes a special character to live in the trenches.

And once more, we take your questions and they do not disappoint. Excellent submissions. By far, the best came from Go Long subscriber Jimmy Pawlowski: "Would you rather have to fight a orangutan with a sword once a year, or a chicken every time you got into your car?" We debate.

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