Podcast: Which team sneaks up on everyone this season?

Someone always comes out of nowhere. Who will it be in 2021? We discuss on the Go Long Podcast. Links inside.

The beauty of pro football is that every single team can sell hope every single season. In this league, you can easily go from worst to first with a signing here, a pick there and a dash of good fortune.

Oh, finding a franchise quarterback helps, too.

On the most recent episode of the Go Long Podcast, my co-host Jim Monos and I examined a team in each conference that can realistically make a quantum leap in 2021. The take here? Justin Herbert looked like a QB destined for superstardom as a rookie and, out in New York, Joe Judge has effectively exterminated the building. (More on the Giants coming for subscribers Thursday AM in The Thread, too.)

Monos, meanwhile, sees the Browns elevating to an even higher level and believes the 49ers are far, far more talented that anyone realizes.

We also spend a good amount of time discussing Erik Kramer’s trials and tribulations. In case you missed it, we have unlocked that series at Go Long for all to read below:

Part I: A Miracle

Part II: Victimized

Part III: A new man

Download the Go Long Podcast wherever you get your pods. Thank you for listening, everyone. Tonight, we’ll be chatting with the insightful and hilarious Geoff Schwartz.

Here’s the most recent ep…