Totally agree on background noise, gang. We apologize for that. Will need to record these during the day on-site instead of the night of Dyngus Day in Buffalo.

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Always enjoy the podcasts, but this was an extremely tough listen with all the background noise.

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Background noise on that podcast is really bad my guy

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I'll listen to this in a bit, but my take that no one asked for -- yes, Bryce Young absolutely deserves to go No 1.

Are there questions, that you could argue are significant? Absolutely! He's short. He's got a small frame. His arm strength isn't great, and I have a feeling he'll have to speed up his clock significantly in the NFL.

But imo, he has a chance to be special, and if a guy has a chance to be special, you take him. If you get it wrong, you can try again in another draft. It's all guesswork at the end of the day anyway.

I'm not a big "intangible" / "it factor" guy, but with Bryce you see it. His poise and body language on the biggest stages is unbelievable. I can't tell you how many times I saw him approaching a massive play and he'd just be smiling. Not to mention, he was pretty much a one man show at Alabama compared to their past rosters and consistently showed a knack for making something happen when he needed to. In a way, I see him as what people thought Johnny Manziel was: An undersized playmaker who's a natural winner and has a natural feel for the game.

With Stroud, I'm just very skeptical after watching Haskins (RIP) and Fields look so lost as passers in the NFL after looking so polished in that Ryan Day system. I don't know how you separate the QB from that system, and I don't see any one particularly special trait with Stroud.

I'd be pretty surprised if Richardson went first. Both him and Levis in a perfect world would have gone back another year. Richardson seems super raw and has barely played.

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