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These stories are why i get Go Long!!! Excellent as always

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Bob's a great, A-1, superlative writer and journalist. No doubt.

All- pro.

BUT for The McGinn File personality choices he makes, Tyler, PLEASE suggest that he choose one most people remember......Several of Bob's features in The McGinn File have, indeed, focused on past VIP NFL people/athletes.

This choice, Mr. Buczkowski, is a head scratcher....I'll wager that fewer than 10% of your readers remember him.....I do not....and I have CLOSELY following the NFL since the 1970s....and I have no senility/early dementia.....YET (!) Respectfully....thanks for reading.

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Just got around to reading this one. Outstanding again, and count a vote here enjoying reading about someone so unknown. Didn't even remember the name, but a terrific story.

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Thanks Bob

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