Sep 30, 2021 • 49M

It's Brady vs. Belichick. It's glorious.

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Tyler Dunne
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We open the pod by diving deep into Bob McGinn's two-part, 10,000-word epic on the Rise of Brett Favre at Go Long. Subscribers can get access to it all right here. There's been so much written and so much said about Favre, but as we touch upon, Bob found a way to dig up plenty of new material on the old gunslinger.... Favre didn't disappoint in their chat.

Speaking of Favre, and his historic Green Bay exit, what a beautiful shot at revenge for Tom Brady and Bill Belichick. They're all saying the right things but you cannot hype this game up enough. While most expect Brady to run away with this, we're not ready to count out Belichick.

And what is going on with these rookie quarterbacks? Jim Monos explained why they're all struggling in the Monos Report, and dives deeper into it all on the podcast.

I hope you see everyone at the "Isaiah McKenzie Show" Monday night, too! We're launching Oct. 4 at Mister's Bar & Lanes in East Aurora, NY. Reserve your table today -- all details here.

Thanks, everyone.

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