This man could have a Desmond Bishop type impact.

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Hell yea, JJ, I'm pumped too.

As usual, great article from Tyler.

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For optimistic JetPack fans and their pandering media poodles, history is not on your side.


Need proof? Look at the playoff record of your QB since 2010. Need more? Watch a rerun of the season ending home game vs Detroit last season. Not being able to reach the playoffs due to such a disappointing performance is the epitome of decline. The post-season record and crunch time failures are simply undeniable.

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The national media has always catered to Rodgers. The local media (including Tyler, a vet of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel) has always seen the whole picture, and been much more skeptical. The national media bubble will burst during the playoffs this year, if not before. I think Rodgers plays tight in the playoffs, and his aversion to risky passing costs the most when the competition and intensity cranks up on the defensive side in January.

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You are correct

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Green Bay Packerrs have young, talented individuals on their Team

Green Bay Packer Future is Bright, no cap problems next year and 2 first round draft picks:

NFL Draft Next Year will be in Green Bay

FYI, I am predicting a good year for Packer Quarterback Jordan Love becasue:

1. Love has the two best running backs in the league, Jones and Dillon (plus a good 3rd stringer)

2. Love has a better than average offensive line

3. Love's team will have a top notch defense

4. Love has Young, tlaented receivers with a year's expereince

5. Packers new tight ends were rated number 2 and number 3 best in the most recent NFL draft

6. A fan base that is excited to have Love at quarterback and Rodgers gone to New York

7. Love's team will have better special teams than in the past.

8. And hoepfully Love will have good coaching that will help Love develop very quickly

9. Great Team Attitude

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Isn’t the Green Bay NFL draft in 2025?

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