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Go Long Show: First look at Chiefs vs. 49ers

Go Long Show: First look at Chiefs vs. 49ers

Should the 49ers be favored? The world seems to disagree with Vegas. Here's our first podcast dive into Super Bowl LVIII.

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Super Bowl Week is here.

Chiefs. 49ers. Mahomes. Purdy. The entire country will be dissecting the matchup — nonstop — right into Sunday. We’ll try to bring you a fresh perspective in words and pods here at Go Long with plenty planned.

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That being said, the only Taylor Swift take to share here is that I wish the world-renowned singer/songwriter was dating Justin Vernon of Bon Iver. That way, we’d get a full album of duets like this.

You can listen to the latest Go Long Show episode above with video embedded below. With co-host Jim Monos, much is discussed:

  • Why is San Francisco favored with so many people betting on the Chiefs?

  • Inside the 49ers offensive machine, starting with Brock Purdy.

  • Kyle Shanahan’s “slot-machine” QB odyssey.

  • The Mahomes Factor. (He’s special.)

  • Why isn’t Bill Belichick coaching in 2024? Monos believes the coach is being choosy.

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Thanks, all.

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