Years ago, on a message board with which we're both familiar, a longtime SE wrote: I don't need bells and whistles and graphics and stuff. Give me something to READ.

Go Long is successful because you deliver on that, my friend.

With that said, there's a line above that I'm not so sure about:

"If a sport so central to our lives killed a player on national television, that sport would also die."

We came pretty darn close at the 2007 season opener, when my seats were less than 100 feet away from where Kevin Everett fell. We sat around the postgame tailgate wondering if we'd watched someone die, not giving a damn about the final score, not sure when -- or if -- we'd be ready to come back.

And yet, there we were at the next home game. Would we have been, if things had gone the other way? I honestly don't know. Thankfully, we didn't have to answer that question with either Everett or Damar Hamlin ... but what happens when (not if) we do?

On a similar note: After hearing about the injury to Mason Martin (an East Brady kid playing QB for Karns City) from a friend covering the KC-Redbank Valley game last Friday, I've been thinking about Damon Janes, gone 10 years ago this month after collapsing on the field at Portville.

Janes' Westfield/Brocton team voted to call off the rest of its season; I wonder how many of Everett's or Hamlin's teammates might have made a similar decision?

And yet, I wonder if that answer lies in a different sport, and the aftermath of: "We've lost Dale Earnhardt." His death shook the motorsports world ... but they still lined 'em up and raced a week later.

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Appreciate your site and your 'mission.' Will always believe similar. People 'should' read, and more than just social media posts or graphics. They should read in depth, learn, get to know more about whatever it is they're interested in, even if it's something they don't like or agree with. The lack of reading combined with lack of human contact are big contributors to a lot of problems in our world today. Claiming people (especially youth) just aren't interested in reading anymore is nonsense. We should demand better. Thank you for providing it.

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Can’t wait to see what you cook up this season, Tyler. What can I do to get my hands on one of those Go Long crewnecks?

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Sinek’s book is a good one. Love the backstory here and, of course, the long form writing in general.

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This is terrific, Tyler. I love your vision, strategy and that you're inspired by "Start With Why" to push even further. Thanks for letting us join you in your mission.

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Tyler, I believe in your model and don't want football fast food. Thanks for all your hard work and for bringing Bob back!

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So happy that Bob is back. Last season's retrospective on his GBP coverage felt like a glorious pre-retirement project.

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