Discuss: You're the Packers. What would you do with Aaron Rodgers?

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“Perhaps the most appropriate way to characterize Rodgers’ 17-year career is post-season loser.”

Those were the final words of Bob McGinn’s blunt assessment of the Green Bay Packers quarterback. While Rodgers did lock up a fourth MVP, the latest hardware rings pretty hollow in his trophy case. Again, a season ended with playoff disappointment. This loss to the San Francisco 49ers was particularly listless, too. Whatever agreement Rodgers and Green Bay reached ahead of the 2021 season gave him the freedom to seek a trade in 2022. The ball’s in his court and, clearly, the Packers are doing everything they can to keep him.

The organization made it public it’ll pay him handsomely and even hired his old pal, Tom Clements, as quarterbacks coach. Green Bay isn’t shopping Rodgers but that’d obviously if the quarterback refuses to play for the team.

Essentially, there are two options at the moment:

  1. Continue to do everything humanly possible for Rodgers to want to return an 18th season. Beg. Plead. Call. Text. Text again. Text a third time. Call once more. Hire Clements. Let Rodgers sign more of his buddies, like Randall Cobb, with a cozy seat right at that personnel table. Promise him his own street name off Oneida. Whatever.

  2. Move on. Declare that Rodgers will only take you so far, rip the Band-Aid off and embrace a boatload of draft picks. Trading away an MVP may sound preposterous but the Packers could use that money to build on what’s a damn good defense and, finally, prepare for the future.

I’ve gotten the sense in this space that a lot of fans are ready to transition to a new era, take the draft picks, and start over given a decade of playoff losses. But, let’s hear it. He is the MVP. Maybe you like the Packers’ current approach.

Which option would you choose right now?