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Advocating for Jordan Love to start also includes several other considerations that tip the scales of the decision toward Love.

1) Starting Love assumes Rodgers would be traded for draft assets.

2) Starting Love allows the Packers to put Rodgers boat anchor of a contract behind the organization after 2023. Difficult dead cap money in 2023, but it only gets worse if the decision is delayed.

3) Love didn't just fall into the Packers lap at pick 24. Gutekunst traded up for Love and LeFluers positive emotion after the pick was made tells any fan that the head coach was involved and in favor of moving on from AR in the near future.

4) Rodgers isn't fully committed. He skipped voluntary OTAs when his presence would have helped integrate 3 rookie WR and one vet into the "Rodgers" offense.

5) Rodgers played poorly in the last game of the year. Couldn't put up enough points to beat a bad Lions defense at home to get in the playoffs. Rodgers recent play in the post season has been below his MVP standard, sometimes, far below. After multiple disappointments, the trend is pretty clear, AR's can manufacture regular season stats, but the playoffs are another story.

6) Starting Love allows the Packers to get younger and move on from Rodgers security blanket players, Lewis, Cobb, etc.


7) FATHER TIME IS UNDEFEATED. Brady is an outlier, both Mannings, Brees, Big Ben, etc all saw their physical capability fall off a clip as they approached 40.

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It’s already a year too late. Rodgers isn’t a positive for this team. He’s too costly and unable to win the big game. Play Love and get what you can for Rodgers. Love may or may not be great but he will be at least a game manager running LaFleur’s offense. More run game, less 3 and out. Give the defense a chance to be successful.

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Rodgers is a me guy, all in it for himself, from no OTA's, to working with receivers in off-season to his contract it shows he cares more about himself than team. Compare him to Mahomes, team friendly contract, at all team activities, flew all his new and existing receivers to Houston to work with them to get ready for the new season and he has family ties, Rodgers doesn't. How did Mahomes season end? World Champions, Rodgers, losing record and your paying him more than Mahomes, unbelievable.

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Move on. Who wouldn’t start a 1st round pick that they’ve been preparing for 3 years over an average QB? That’s what #12 was last season. What he’s done in the past should not be part of the equation. Thanks and good luck.

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It’s Love time. I watched Starr play in the Glory Years and lived through the dearth of the 70’s and 80’s. Remember Anthony Dilweg.? I really thought they had something with Lynn Dickey, Coffman, Lofton and Jefferson but I digress.

I loved Favre until he put team before self and the same thing has happened to Rodgers. I’m not naive, it’s the world we inhabit.

Nonetheless, facts are facts, and McGinn summed up his career last year; Playoff Loser. And all those losses, along with the smartest guy in the room attitude, have eroded my good will.

I’m a Packer fan to the core. I’m rooting for Love to make the position his.

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It’s Love. I understand why they kept rodgers. 0 GMs want “traded reigning league MVP” on their resume. 0 would actually do it.

As ready as GB was to move to Rodgers, had Favre never said he was retiring would they have moved on? I’m less sure.

Last year the team went 8-9. 12 looked like an old QB.

There’s no hard feelings now: they can “mutually part ways” and make it look happy in public a la Matthew Stafford in Detroit.

If Love is good, great. They found the next QB.

If he’s not, they can go get the next guy.

If they don’t move on now, then this regime will go up in flames and their legacy will be trying to replace Rodgers, but never having the guts to do it.

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This Rodgers focused model of roster building has failed. This season reminded me of the final games under McCarthy. Brutal.

They've failed in close calls in the playoffs. They've failed in the cold at Lambeau. They failed with an unstoppable passing offense in 11 and with a more well rounded roster in recent years. It would be insane to double down on that failure when a promising cheaper alternative waits in the wings.

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Love. ML deserves a chance to have his guy. Love will get better, 12 will get worse due to Father Time. Plus assets, contract etc all favor Love

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Love. Let’s move on from the drama surrounding an aging quarterback who has an uncanny ability of losing meaningful games year after year.

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I couldn’t agree more with just about every post! I just hope that the Packers get a decent haul of draft capital and a veteran that can help the team. Better later than never...

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QB performance aside, it has to be Love if only for the fact that it makes the most business sense to do so. That's where I'm at. I loved Favre but it was time for Rodgers. And I love Rodgers but now is the time to get out of a contract that will only get worse and hamper the organization even more next year. Seems like we're all in agreement here. Go Pack!

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Start Love. I personally think it's a year to late. They had to extend Rodgers so they could get something for him the 22-23 season. I find it funny that Rodgers who has always tried to be the anti-Farve QB has become just that. I think Love is going to be tremendous. I really do. He offers everything you want at that position. Literally everything. He still has to perform but this guy is going to be a superstar. The Packers let Rodgers down a couple post seasons. Rodgers let the Packers down a few post seasons. Winning titles is hard. Had Rodgers not commanded all the dam money, he could of won a couple more. I salute Aaron for his tremendous play. Some of the sickest throws you will ever see. Father time came knocking in the 21 season. Despite that Rodgers still had an MVP season. Father time took his legs. Took his arm and then the final blow, his nerves.

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Love both of your reports but you should really wait until all this plays out and then make comment instead of speculating like everyone else. I want him gone too. Let’s wait and see what happens

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Packers fan here. Get as much as you can for Rodgers and take your medicine cap-wise. I bet the Jets are desperate enough that they're willing to part with at least one 1st rounder. I saw enough from Love in the preseason and in his sporadic appearances in the regular season that I think he's ready.

Next year the Packers are looking at ~$60 million in cap space (obviously depending on restructuring contracts and optioning and/or extending Love). If Love is legit, they have a real chance to make a run.

I hope the next team that Rodgers goes to puts all of their resources towards pushing Rodgers across the finish line and getting him that second title.

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I'm with you, Tyler. They should have traded him 2 years ago when he held out. It's Love's turn.

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there is only one reason to NOT move on from Rodgers and that is if Gutey/ML do not feel Love is worth getting two years of experience before his contract expires. If they like what they see and they think it is JL time than you have to move on. I don't care if Rodgers goes somewhere else and plays well. As a matter of fact I EXPECT HIM to have at least one very good year after he is traded. He will be very motivated to show that they made a mistake in trading him. As a 'me first" guy, nothing would make him happier.

So let's look at the other part's of Rodgers' recent resume:

1) DESPITE BEING NAMED MVP IN 2020 and 2021 he was not the MVP difference maker in the playoffs.

Tom Brady comes into Lambeau for the NFC championship game and throws three pics and Rodgers can't play and be the difference in that game..this despite saying for years..."all we need is to get the NFC championship game at home"...

then at the post-game news conference, instead of talking about how his play came up short, he immediately shifted the conversation to his future with the team....a classic Rodgers move...

take the light off his peformance and redirect it to what he wants to talk about....

In 2021, He gets outplayed by Jimmy Garrapalo in the last 6 minutes of a tied game. This WAS THE SEASON'S MVP, getting outplayed by Jimmy G in the last 6 minutes...

Again...post game presser...all about his future and very little ownership around his failure to be the difference in the game

Oh and let's be very clear, Rodgers QB rating was higher than both Brady's and Jimmy G's in both of those games...isn't this what matters most?!?!

2) Leadership- this is a big one...it has been awful...What do great leaders do? They lead with accountability and humility...Rodgers has not displayed either! the closest accountability he has shown was admitting that he could play "a tick better"...this despite not having a 300 yard game and having a season low QB rating and not beating Detroit in the final game of the season

When some teammates have questioned his leadership, Rodgers has countered that he has never missed a mandatory team meeting or team social event...Really?...for a 19 year veteran and leader of the team, that is the bare minimum of leadership...just gets you in the door...

Truely great leadership is about nuances and doing the things that you are not asked to do(like coming to non-mandatory off season programs, taking extra time to develop relationships with new receivers, NOT dissing the coach and GM during post game pressers)

It is time for Gutey/ML to take the team back and define themselves as leaders. This is what they get paid to do! If they are wrong about JL, then they will and should suffer the consequences(2 years from now)...If they are right, then GB has their next QB for the next 10 years or more!

Can lightening strike three times in a row?...it is time to find out!!!

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If Rodgers had even come close to sniffing another championship, let alone another MVP, we would all be wondering what team Love would be playing for next season. As much as I would like to see Rodgers only to have played for the Packers, I don’t think that will happen after last season and the 11 seasons of coming up short that preceded it. The drama of the past few years was tolerable when it involved an MVP caliber player. Last season adjusted the focus and that may bring on a widely anticipated business decision.

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In 2011, I thought Rodgers would surpass Starr as the best qb in Packers history. Rodgers’ skills and avoiding interceptions helped him to lead the team in the regular season. Yet, he has consistently failed in the post season since 2010. IMHO, Rodgers will never again do what it takes to win another Championship. It’s time to move on, especially given his ridiculous contract.

I am intrigued by Love’s performance vs. The Eagles. I agree he looked far better in the preseason this year. Extrapolating those performances to a career is risky. He may turn out to be Jay Cutler 2.0 instead of AR 2.0. Future success is not guaranteed but it is time to move on.

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The path forward starts with Love. The window is closed on AR and GB due to the albatross of a contract as much as anything. Do I think AR can still play at a high level? Absolutely! However, the team cannot get better with him as QB. Love may not be the second coming, but if he can be an average QB, they can have success as they build around him. You need to know if you have the next guy, or if the search for the future has just begun. Love is the start of the path forward.

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I don’t believe Love is likely to be a great QB. However, I see a few reasons why the Packers should make Love their QB this year.

I would guess this Packers team is around 75% likely to finish between 7 to 10 wins in 2023. While it’s not a great team, it’s at least likely to be a competitive team. Any NFL team would like to give their young QB a chance to grow in a competitive environment. At the same time, this Packers team would not be throwing away a Super Bowl shot by taking the ball out of Rodgers’ hands - it’s really hard to say this team is world championship caliber either. To me, I see this team being at the right stage for management to provide a young QB like Love the chance to prove himself with quality teammates around him.

Also, it’s not just Rodgers who is getting older. Bakhtiari, Jones, and Clark are some key guys who may see their level of performance suddenly drop off a cliff within the next few years. The Packers better get themselves a few draft picks right now, to help avoid a major drop off when their other older players start to decline.

With the help of the additional draft capital from a Rodgers trade, the Packers can draft another young QB to protect themselves if Love fails. Don’t forget the Packers drafted two QB’s in the year they traded Favre (Brohm and Flynn), even though Rodgers was around.

I hope Love proves me wrong and ends up being a great QB after all! Let’s see if he can do it.

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The idea that keeping Rodgers for another year means drafting ANOTHER QB because Love will ask for trade? Absolute insanity. Unless ARod has already invited his receiving corps to a two-week workout camp in warm weather on his dime before OTAs ... he’s not going to put in any more work to make the offense any better. It’s time for a change.

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I don't feel overwhelmingly in either direction whether Rodgers, Love, or anyone else should be the starting Packer QB this coming season. My ONLY "condition would be that whomever it is, that QB will be at EVERY OTA, (voluntary or not), EVERY meeting, and EVERY training camp practice --unless excused. When I hear a player say "I'm ALL IN"...I want to see that he is actually "ALL IN"

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Might as well trade #12. The supporting cast isn’t good enough to make a difference whoever is QB. Put Rodgers on the 49ers and they win the Super Bowl. I think all the fawning over Love is hilarious though. If he turns out to be a bust, everyone will be saying they should not have traded ARod.

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It is time to move on. AR is not putting in the work to make things better for the team. Too much focus on being MVP, not SB champion. The more I look at the contract he signed, it makes me believe he signed it knowing he could get back at the Packers for drafting Love originally, putting the team in cap hell for a few years and not allowing the team to evaluate Love or make a decision regarding Love until it was too late. We know he carries a grudge and this is the ultimate way to do it.

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So, why would another team give up a huge haul to acquire Rodgers? Here’s the argument I would make:

1 year removed from back to back MVP

Terrible offensive line play to begin the Packers season had Rodgers running.

Broke his thumb

Playing with poor, inexperienced pass catchers

Still clearly has the arm strength.

Hopefully that is enough to land the Packers a pair of first round draft picks and maybe a little more. Funny things can happen when desperate people get in a bidding war.

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It does not matter what the Packers choose. Whether this year or next, the curse of Aaron Rodgers will last for one hundred years or more.

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