Discuss: Which Year 2 rebuild takes off in 2022?

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Good morning! Here’s a conversation worth some discussion.

There were a bunch of NFL teams last season — the Lions, Jaguars, Jets, Texans and Falcons — that slammed the reset button. A full year later, which is best positioned to elevate? Asking any of these teams to take a Bengals-sized leap is unrealistic, but could one of these teams make that trusty “In The Hunt” graphic in November? December?

Jamaal Williams is doing everything in his power to change the Lions. Here’s our conversation, icymi. As the running back eloquently stated: “If you ain’t down with this shit, if you ain’t down with what the coaches are talking about, if you ain’t down with what the players who are all in are talking about, if you ain’t down with this team, get the f--k out. Stay in the locker room. Let the real ones go out and let’s go f-----g play ball.”

There’s a lot to like about these Lions. They started in the trenches. This is one of the best offensive lines in the NFL and No. 2 overall pick Aidan Hutchinson could anchor the defensive line for a decade. Their plan is obviously to get around to the quarterback position when the time’s right. Nothing wrong will building from within until you did that guy.

Trevor Lawrence could be primed for a massive leap in Jacksonville. Doug Pederson gets the best out of his quarterbacks.

Atlanta? I’m not sure what the master plan is quite yet.

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