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C.J. Stroud and the 'S2' debate

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Tyler Dunne
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How much should teams factor in his 18% on the cognitive test? Our Bob McGinn at Go Long turned heads with his reporting on the rise of the S2 test. Alabama's Bryce Young (98%) blew Stroud away, hence the Ohio State quarterback's fall. Some teams are concerned: https://www.golongtd.com/p/part-3-qb-bryce-young-has-the-s2

On the podcast, longtime personnel man Jim Monos and myself discuss what this all means? Stroud made throwing a football look so effortless in college, but this performance on a test gauging split-second decision-making is a problem. We also reprise the Anthony Richardson debate with one scout seeing a combination of Michael Vick and Brett Favre in the Florida quarterback.

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