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2023 Go Long QB Draft, Picks 1-8: Mahomes, Allen or Burrow?

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Tyler Dunne
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This was fun.

At Fattey Beer Company's Hamburg location, I'm joined by co-host Jim Monos and recurring guest Matthew Fairburn, of The Athletic, for our first Go Long Quarterback Draft. The rules are simple. We're drafting on the 2023 season alone. We each select seven quarterbacks in a snake format and, at season's end, take the best PFF grades from our top five guys. Whoever wins gets a free dinner at The Grange with the bill decided via credit-card roulette between the two losers.

Monos earned the top pick... will he take Patrick Mahomes this time? Where will Josh Allen go? And, holy, does Monos have a surprise in store with his third pick.

Enjoy, and be sure to catch Part 2 in the feed.

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