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Let's be clear, there's a big difference between online trash talk and facing consequences for saying something insensitive/racist/sexist/homophobic. Online trash talk is great. It makes for great storylines, whiteboard material, and funny retorts. Businesses aren't afraid of trending for poking fun at other businesses (see Wendy's Twitter, and now the companies trying to emulate Wendy's). Social media allows athletes to be more active and engaging with their fans and the rest of the world. They can choose what they post . If they post something homophobic, it's okay for the rest of the world to react negatively to that (first amendment, right?). Similary, businesses choose who they sponsor/support, often saying PR bs like "our company and <player> have similar values and a strong relationship". So yeah, if the player says something homophobic, it's going to reflect poorly on their sponsor. Grouping Chase's trash talk with the theory of "cancel culture" (also known as "words/actions have consequences"), is unfair to people standing up to inappropriate rhetoric and for their beliefs.

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