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Ty & Bob Pod: Why Green Bay can still win the NFC North

Ty & Bob Pod: Why Green Bay can still win the NFC North

Did the Packers change the divisional calculus with their Thanksgiving Day win? There's a path.
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No longer is it a foregone conclusion that the Detroit Lions will run away with the NFC North. With a convincing victory on Thanksgiving Day, the Green Bay Packers didn’t only pull themselves back into the playoff race — they’ve got a shot to catch the Lions.

Ahead, they’ll host the Chiefs, Buccaneers and Bears and travel to the Giants, Panthers and Vikings. Starting, first, with the defending champs.

However this 2023 season shakes out, Matt LaFleur and Brian Gutekunst must love what they see in their new franchise quarterback.

On the Ty & Bob Pod — with our resident Hall of Fame sports writer Bob McGinn — we again explore the NFC North in great detail.

  • How Jordan Love shredded the Lions secondary.

  • Dan Campbell isn’t hitting the panic button. He always knows exactly what to say.

  • It’ll be hard to pull Jonathan Owens off the field, regardless of who’s healthy at safety.

  • How the Packers’ defensive front beat up the Lions’ mighty O-Line. Penei Sewell allowed six pressures — unheard of. Campbell has pegged Sewell the best player on the entire roster.

  • There’s still hope in Detroit to go the distance. Don’t bail yet. McGinn explains.

  • Did the clock strike midnight on Joshua Dobbs? This was ugly.

  • You heard it here first: The Chicago Bears roster is better than most think — at least on defense. They got after Minnesota.

  • A look back at a 2007 Packers-Chiefs game at Arrowhead and, more specifically, why Tony Gonzalez doesn’t get the love he deserves. Gosh, did I gain a whole new appreciation for the tight end working on “Blood and Guts.” He forced the sport to change, even if it meant a near-brawl with Mike Mularkey.

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Thanks, everyone.

Also, icymi, Brett Favre had a lot to say about Love, the Packers and the state of the football in lieu of Tom Brady’s criticism.

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