The same old story Tyler mentions of the Packers just not figuring out how to win sounds similar to the Lions the last couple years and all their losses in the last few minutes. The question is whether the Packers are improving as the Lions did, and whether they have the heart and belief in their coach to keep working hard to eventually win. Hey, they are the youngest team, but the question is not whether they are too young for the short term but for the long term: without a couple strong veterans who are the ones to keep them disciplined, optimistic and treating each play like it's its own game? They just better not slip into and get used to a losing culture. My feeling is Gutes would like nothing more than the Pack and Love playing really well only to keep losing in the 4th quarter on a few fluke plays. He gets a top five pick I think he's going Harrison and if he's not available, trade down for an OL and more picks.

Regarding the WRs, I don't think Doubs is getting enough respect anywhere including here. Very reliable red zone and 3rd down weapon from what I can see.

One thing that is concerning is how the special teams keeps playing poopy. Bisaccio has been given more money and special teams men than any other coordinator. What's the issue?

So no velvet in the McGinn memory like him swimming in that Denver hotel pool under the snowflakes, but man it made me happy, almost as much as the nugget about Bob Harlan "...not liking the heat."

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Outstanding McGinn memory!

I was cheering them on as they left for the stadium in NO.

Titletown Again, pg 125, tipping hat.

My claim to fame, LOL.

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