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When it works, it works great. With an ascendant QB, Diggs is statistically the best WR in the league, there is a lot to be excited about - and credit to Buffalo for finding a way to win through drafting and savvy trades. Winning has a way of making things look great. I just wonder if (say) they start winning without having to rely so hard on Diggs or, if given an off season, defenses scheme against Diggs better next year, how it goes? I just think of other me-first receivers, like Owens in Philly, these situations can work for a while but the old habits tend to surface.

It doesn't mean not-to go after Diggs if you're Buffalo, it is just to remember what you have. That said, players can change. Sometimes just getting the respect and recognition they deserve, can calm the ego. There is a reason Charles Woodson ended up in Green Bay - nobody else wanted him. And he became the person he is today through those experiences, but it's easy to forget where he came from.

Time will tell. For now, though, what a force.

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