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Come for the smart, thoughtful analysis. Stay for the Seinfeld callbacks - they’re for “real...and spectacular”

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Ha! Thank you, Tim!

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Tyler wrote a thought with which I agree from above:

"He’s no 4.3 speed demon but nobody can catch him. He’s the MVP right now."

Correct! As a proud dad myself, I think my son will always be my MVP.....Football always comes 2nd to sweet memories of chasing my speedy son around the house. I am proud to present him my MVP hugs every day!

Enjoy fatherhood, Tyler!

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Yes, Tim & Tyler: I imagine many people comprehend the Seinfold inner jokes.

Not me.

We do not own a TV.

Watch NFL on NFL Rewind upon MacBook Pro laptop.

Hence, in the dark and dumb when Seinfeld references occur.

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You could probably watch Seinfeld on the MacBook Pro too…🤷‍♂️

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Justin Fields STILL needs to prove he can throw from the pocket withOUT scrambling.

I'm not convinced.

Consequently, his jeopardy for injury while running 10+ per game remains a constant Danger Zone for his short- and long-term expiration date in the NFL.

The historical record for PRIMARILY running QBs having long careers in the league is NOT a long list.

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I think it's too early to say that Fields will be good, as they still struggle in the passing game. But yes, at the time I did think he should have been drafted before Wilson and never really got the Wilson hype. You don't draft a QB just because of improvisational plays. That's just Manziel all over again.

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Loving the wrap up! Unlike at espn.com, it’s as if you actually WATCHED the games.

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