Thanks for the Super Bowl coverage. May we know when Bob McGinn will present his review of the Packers season as promised some weeks ago?

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Great piece as always, Ty!

Two comments:

1. "Andy Reid’s playcalling dizzied the Eagles."

True. And both he and Mahomes also repeatedly praised "the role offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy played in the team's victory. ... [they] raved about Bieniemy's performance during the contest and his ability to scheme up a way to beat what had been one of the NFL's best defenses."


One key contribution: "Bieniemy saw a perfect opportunity to use it [the "Corn Dog Shuffle" play] against the Eagles," which led to two of Mahomes' touchdown tosses to wide open receivers Kadarius Toney and Skyy Moore.

2. "As Rihanna held a concert on the NFL’s sorry excuse for a playing surface ..."

Weren't she and her dancers elevated high above the field on suspended platforms?


"By having the singer and the other performers in the air, it took the stress off of the turf on the field ... while it may have looked risky for Rihanna, who debuted her new baby bump during her performance, to be suspended on a stage 15-60 feet off the ground, according to the report, the stages had “massive Brunel trusses” that [Bruce] Rodgers ... the halftime show production designer ... assured Rihanna’s team are “strong enough to ‘carry a freight train.’”"

(Presumably, those are the trusses whose primary purpose is to support the retractable roof at State Farm Stadium?)

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Bang on! Mahomes has been the most skilled and creative at his craft for the past 5 years. But last night, against all the odds noted in the above article, he transcended pain and carried his quickly renovated team to a much higher pinnacle of success. With Veach nabbing exceptional talent and Reid outscheming opponents, I see a Mahomes dynasty in KC for the next decade.

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