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It’s deep here. We love hard , we hate hard. We own this stadium. We are GB, Wisconsin. The NFL will never own us, the state would starve before that happens. I didn’t agree with what happened with Aaron, I was pissed off! We all were. It’s magical here, we seem to turn QB’s into G’s. When Aaron told us why and what, we were all like OH BOY!!! who’s hungry for crow. I’m glad he stomped that foot down. He’s absolutely correct. Veterans were booted and disrespected. We ain’t about that here. It was the epic🤫🤫🤫. Like are they insane?, what are they doing?, what happened?. Hot mess that got cooled by #12. We all want Aaron to retire here. We all want some of our veterans back. That happened. Thx#12💯. GBFAM4life.

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Tyler’s writing talent is well-honed and his skills make for some very pleasant reading. His perspectives have always been interesting to me whether or not they have been harmonious with mine. Good, good writer.

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Wow I’m not going to sugar coat it. This article got my hyped up. Truly helps you understand the competition inside the competitor and how it’s not just some fluke. I see a difference in this team, an energy and a mental toughness that has made watching the Packers fun again. I’ve been a Favre “homer” for years. This reminds of the years with Favre but honestly with (as Peter Bukowski often says) a bullet. They’ve got a laser focused QB maximizing everything/anything around him.

Yes, there have been moments of doubt and isn’t that the exciting and thrilling reason we all watch? To see these GM’s, coaches, play the game within the game. To find out what their plan is? As Packer fans we have been blessed and spoiled with riches. Two of the best QBs to ever play and having scouting departments that have allowed us to stay relevant giving us so many players teams tossed aside that turn into part of the Packer mystique. (Driver, Kuhn, C. Jenkins, T. Williams, and on and on) We’ve been one game away for so long and as this article mentions a lot of it has been the toughness. It’s exciting to see and learn about a lot of these current players history and what drives them. Showing us this could be the year for us because of the difference and grit of these players.

It’s been an exciting journey so far and how cool would it be to see us make it over that proverbial hump this year. With tough players like Lazard, Big Dawg, Z, Alexander making big difference making plays. You can tell this team is driven and wired different and as I’ve mentioned it’s fun to watch. To see what’s up their sleeve and what plan they have. How exciting would it be to see AJ Dillon be a part of the plan in January? There are so many things to be hyped about. We should enjoy them.

Plus as the article mentions we’re building a roster within the roster. I feel incredibly lucky to have been born into the Packers mystique and love watching it grow. Thank you for the article and a new perception of what this team can be and grow to.

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Really loved this article. It takes all the info and spins it into a really good narrative. FULL of hope and also well written. Thanks for this!

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well-written article, but a lot of gloss-overs and half truths buried in there. the author makes the assumption that love and dillon will both pan out. highly unlikely assumption. we've seen dillon in action, and there's a good reason he's buried on the depth chart. we have not seen anything yet from love. and i'd bet my house that he will never be the starting qb for the packers.

sternberger might not be a "wussie", but he has done little to prove himself worthy of being a starting tight end. tonyan (who is only mentioned in passing) is the much better tight end prospect. and although the claim is made that that mvs is not frozen out of the offense, he was virtually ignored by rodgers in their most recent game after losing the game against the colts in ot. not a single target in the whole game.

i could go on, but i won't. the packers spent a first and a fourth draft pick on a guy who might play some day. and a second on a guy who isn't even listed on the packers depth chart. if they had used those three picks on a defensive lineman, an inside linebacker and a wide receiver (in any order), they might have made a big enough difference to win the ultimate game this year instead of maybe being a little better three years from now.

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This article is outstanding! I read everything Packers yet I learned so much. It’s really 4 stories - each of which easily rises above the pap pieces I usually read - combined into one article.

It really drives home Tyler Dunne’s writing talent while also revealing his unparalleled commitment to the the leg-work necessary to get all these fresh insights.

I’ll go sign up for my permanent membership now...

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