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They are both more from the Favre/gunslinger QB tree than 12

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You are right about 12. It is becoming more and more clear that he is a regular season QB. He can put up great passer ratings in the regular season by not throwing interceptions and padding his stats against bad defense, but when push comes to shove in the playoffs, he gets out played by "lesser" QBs. Since the Super Bowl in 10, the Packers playoff loses aren't pretty. Sure the defense didn't show up in some, but only once can you say that Rodgers played great. Not what you'd expect from a 4 time MVP

21 (SF) - Only 10 points

20 (TB) - Back to back 3 and outs off of TB12 INTs before not trying to run for a TD with 2 minutes left on 3rd and goal from the 8.

19 (SF) - Down 27-0 at half before putting up garbage time stats to make the passer rating look better

16 (ATL) - Down 31-0 in the 3rd quarter before starting to put up garbage time stats

15 (ARI) - Did some amazing things with Jeff Janis leading the way at WR, can't fault him here

14 (SEA) - Up 19-7 in the 4th and has back to back 3 and outs while SEA has back to back TDs. Richard Sherman was out there with one arm and they refused to throw. Obviously more than Rodgers in this one, but he didn't hold up his end of the bargain, especially as MVP that year.

13 (SF) - 17 for 26, 177 yards and 1 TD. Not exactly lighting it up.

12 (SF) - Matched Kaepernick through the air, but Kaepernick also had 181 yards rushing and 2 TDs

11 (NYG) - Not a great day for Rodgers, although I've always thought Joe Philbin's son dying during the Packer's bye week had a huge effect on the team in that loss.

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